Alternative Power supply methods to Jetson Orin Nano


I want to use the Jetson Orin Nano on an AUV Project, I want to know if there are other methods to power on the Jetson Orin Nano board other than the standard power supply given in the box. My attempts of powering it on with a 14.8 to 5V buck converter were not successful and even trying to directly powering on with the 14.8V was not successful.

Are there any other recommended alternate ways of powering on the Jetson Orin Nano? If so could you please mention what they are.


The DC Jack is the only way. Please try another power supply if devkit is not damaged.

I’ll like to rephrase my question, how are we supposed to power the Jetson Orin Nano using batteries? for robotics purposes.

Like what is the setup were supposed to use, for me just a 5V buck converter using 14.8V Batteries did not work.


Power regulation requirements are fairly strict on Jetsons. A buck converter should work, but only if the voltage is stable. Jetsons are more sensitive to this than many other systems.

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