Alternative uses for Xavier NX (sadly not jocking)

As I cannot develop with my £700 developing SoC part of a Developing kit as cannot be installed properly Ubuntu 20.04, ROS2, ROS Noetic, things advised when I bought the SoC, as the Stereo and flow HW acceleration will not implemented, is there any alternative use like gaming, simulation,pinball machine emulation anything to enjoy as I cannot work.
I have as well some nice realsenses as t265 and d455 that are banned in Issac to promote and push to buy the ZED cameras which a part of the nice “Camera vendors program”.
So I got £1500 of paperweight.
Could we the developers that cannot develop as me , work in something or play some game online together?

My Jetson Xavier NX

GeForce Now don’t support jetsons or at least I couldn’t find how…

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@fpsychosis in order to get 20.04 that will work somehow you may try


Any open source game like heroes [HOMM] or Quake would run given properly built.

Thanks Andrey, I tried some things, but I’m a bad software developer.
I tried many things and all was finally a wall.

Does will work TensorRT, Deepstream, OpencV with Cuda,VPI, Tensorflow?

Precisely one of the things I had in mind , as I wont develop on it, just upgrade to 20.04 in that way, but I didn’t expect anything works, at least, nvidia ecosystem stuff. If tried would be great some opinion, I now you use realsenses, ros etc like me

Quake sounds good for me.

I did upgrade to 20.04 from clean installation , TensorRT, and a couple of things. So no viable for me.
What is curious that in a clean JP4.5.1 instalation, ONNX runtime, Librealsense 1.12 (r200), Gazebo9 standalone or ros, PCL 1.8 standalone or ros, Open3D that I had working in jp4.4 or in Nano with jp4.4.

It looks I cannot upgrade to 20.04.but it looks as they are updating things in jetpacks are braking other dependences or incompatibilities.
So even it is not posible install from source ROS Melodic and OpenCV 4.2 with cuDNN without need intervention.

At this point you don’t need become a good developer , what I’m not and I won’t be, but you need be an expert in nVidia ecosystem.

there is also a chance to run 20.04 Ubuntu docker container using the default stock OS 18.04 tegra -linux, but that might turn out to be even more difficult

Thanks by the help and options.
I cannot use docker or any kind of containers or python environments, and even less with core parts of my system, which it is almost everything as they are mobile robots and everything runs on robot ,first because I don’t know how use them or how they really work, second by convenience for different reasons.

Thanks by your help, I can see you always helping, thanks.