Alvin Clark's video "deepdive into Jetson and Deepstream" disappeared

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It was the first time that I had found a good tutorial where I could learn about deepstream and graph composer. After a few weeks, where I was expecting a newer video from Alvin Clark on graph composer, the video was replaced with a “5g at the extreme edge” video where the original name and address did not change
Was there a copyright issue? or was it mistakenly removed? Why does Nvidia not publish more detailed tutorial videos, so that the it has a wider community??

Hello @erencerman We are not aware of this video, can you share the original URL for it? thanks.

Thank you very much for the interest.

This video is actually one of the three video links at the “Deepstream-getting started” page. The title and the video do not match, the video title is related to 5G…There must be a mistake!

Thank you for correcting the mistake, it is now corrected :)

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