Am I drawing too much current from the GPIO pins on the tx2? It wont even power on.

Hi all,

I am currently working on a project that uses the jetson tx2 and the matrix voice ( I am developing algorithms for the Matrix Voice through a Raspberry pi 3B. My intention was to then attach the matrix voice to the TX2 through it’s GPIO pins since the Raspberry Pi and TX2 have almost identical GPIO pins.

However, upon further investigation it looks like the Matrix Voice draws more than the max current the TX2’s GPIO pins. It looks like the max current is one of the few difference between the TX2’s pins and the Raspberry Pi’s pins. The TX2 will not start upon pressing the power button when the Matrix is attached.

Any suggestions on how to get the Matrix Voice working with the TX2?

The maximum output current of TX2 GPIO pins is about 2mA. You can measure the GPIO voltage level during power on with matrix voice, to check if any voltage drop which might cause system hang.