AmgX licence trouble


I have been looking at and running the AmgX examples for the past week without too much problems. But today, when I try to run a few more samples to test parameters, I get the following error : “Failed to find the license file”.

The license file I use has not moved since the last time and I’m running the samples exactly the same way as before. I haven’t found any information on the expiration time of the license. Could that be the problem ? (I have downloaded it last tuesday).

The problem appears no matter what I do to specify the license file (exporting or setting it right before running). I am running the examples on a cluster and the problem appears when I am running in interactive mode as well as a standard task scheduling.

So my first guess is a license expiration … but I guess the error message would sound different, wouldn’t it ?

Thanks in advance for the help.


The AmgX library beta release trial license has expired at this point.

However, we are about to post a new release of the AmgX library soon.

I would suggest waiting for a few days for it.

Thank you,

Thank you for the reply.

I’ll be waiting for the new version then :)

It appears the trial license file has expired again and a replacement has not been uploaded. Any word on when a new license file will be available?

We have uploaded a new license file, this one is good through Jan 1, 2015.

Hello, I just downladed amgx (today is the first of April 2015). Do i understand right that the actaul license has expired yesterday? so i have to wait till a new file is uploaded to try amgx?

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I have the same question as above.

Hi there, i am still very curious about the amgx solver. Anybodyhas an idea when there will be a new license file?