AMGX Trial license key has expired


Looks like AMGX trial license key has expired again on 31st of March.
Check the following link:

Can you please upload a valid license key again?

Thank you very much in advance.

Thank you very much for uploading a new license file.

Hi !

Just a kind reminder that the trial license key has expired again.

I’ll be great if you can update the key soon.

Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone,

I’m also waiting for the new license. Please let me know when it will be updated (if you will). Thanks a lot!

Any news from the updated key?

The license file has been updated. Thanks guys!

Will the license key be updated again?

When AMGx trial licence key will be updated

Hi ! We really wait for new license key.
And it will be good to have AmgX for new versions of CUDA (like CUDA 8).
It’s really difficult to install old versions to have a possibility to run AmgX…

Hope NVIDIA’s team will continue development of this very usefull tool.
Thank you!

Hi! I’m also very interested in experimenting with this library but unfortunately trial key is missing. Or, perhaps, i’m just doing something wrong, because i downloaded trial version of library just recently and did not run it successfully even once, tried it with key from
(set up LM_LICENSE_FILE to be full pathname of lic file, as readme says) and solve still says “Failed to find the license file”.
Please, if anyone is able to use trial version of AmgX right now, please, write here about it, or, please, confirm that it’s unavailable for now.
Thanks in advance.