Ampere NVENC

Any details about Ampere GPU encoder and decoder capabilities ?
Does Ampere NVENC supports AV1?
Does Ampere NVDEC supports Dolby Vision HDR video playback?


Dolby Vision can be played by a decoder system that is unaware of Dolby Vision using only the base layer, result in a standards-based base-layer video signal, such as HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG), or BT.709 standard dynamic range (SDR), using video elementary stream metadata.
NVDEC is compatible (H.265 main10 profile / H.264 high profile). The problem is with separation of dynamic metadata and paste to HDMI output (EOTF). I think that is out of scope of NVDEC.

You can just use mpv to play dolby vision profile 5.