AMQP adaptor treating payload as a string vs uint8_t resulting in truncated message being sent

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.
Jetson nano rev B
Deepstream 5.0
JetPack 4.4

I’m using deepstream-test5 for my base. I want to send the detected object as a jpeg payload over AMQP for further processing. To extract and convert the detected object, I followed the steps in the image-meta-test to encode the detected object in jpeg. Rather than write the image out as a file, I modified gst_nvmsgbroker_render to make an nvds_msgapi_send following the steps of the example for writing the file in image-meta-test. Note, the nvds_msgapi.h states that the payload is “A pointer to a byte array containing the message. The message may but need not be a NULL-terminated string.” In my case, the message is “binary” data, but is being treated as a NULL-terminated string, hence truncating the message (i.e., the message must be a string). Unfortunately you haven’t made the AMQP adapter available for modification. I would rather not write my own, as I don’t understand all the threading issues, etc., that would be involved. Can you either provide the adapter source or just allow binary (and remove the property text/plain). Thanks.

You need to convert jpeg image metadata into json payload first using nvmsgconv plugin. you can refer to documentation: