An additional source of power to maintain the operation of the device during the replacement of the battery on the drone

Is it possible to use a second power source at the same time so that the jetson nano 4gb does not lose power when replacing the battery on the drone. Powering the jetson via pins using the UBEC

It looks like a power switching problem, not related to jetson nano itself. If the power switching has no gap, it should work.

If this were an UPS for battery backup of a PC, then you’d have a scheme like this for the UPS:
power line->charger->battery->regulator->computer

In the case of using that for redundancy, it might be this instead:

power line->input switch->charger->battery->regulator->computer
power line----|

The whole point is that the power feed is from a battery which is regulated and during a switch of what charges the battery there is no “off/on” event from the battery to the computer. With a Jetson I suppose you could replace the battery with a super capacitor, but it would still need to be regulated. You might also be able to skip the “charger” and replace it with some simple “safe” (no spike) capacitor charge circuit (batteries are natural surge protectors, capacitors not so much).

Thanks for the answers

Whats about powering with gpio pins and microusb at the same time?

Micro USB connection just before replacing the battery in the drone. After replacing the battery, disconnect the usb.

I suspect (don’t know for certain) that this would be a problem. There is actually switching between circuits involved, and just tiny spike would cause reboot. What you really need is a continuous non-spiking failover on a single power input source. Add to this the fact that there is a protection diode on the barrel connector (if using that) which produces a tiny voltage drop (e.g., 0.2V)…the micro-USB does not have this (at least not in the same way), and swapping from barrel to USB would (even if there is no brief moment of switching dropping power out) still be about a 0.2V surge…and I think that is enough to cause a reboot.

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