An empty TX 2 can not be recognized by the PC from the USB 2 _ OTG port.

Hello. Everyone in nVIDIA.

Jetson_TX 2 is inserted on a custom carrier board on which TX 1 is activated.
There is a problem that the empty TX 2 can not be recognized on the PC from the USB 2 _ OTG port.
In the empty TX 1, the PC notifies the device manager that it recognized an unknown device, but there is no response in TX 2.

Application / DeepLearning processing can be executed with this custom carrier board. USB3 / GbE is also the board that is operating.

When exchanging to TX 2, the carrier board power is turned on in the auto power on mode.
Voltage of VDD_RTC has also been observed at 2.54 V from TX2.
RESET_OUT / IN is 1.8 V.
It seems that only Tegra_X 2 is not running.

If Maxim’s IC runs and Tegra does not start, where should you doubt?
If there is a precedent, please tell me.

that’s all.

Hi, assume the module can work on carrier board of dev kit. Did you check the strapping pins status on your board, if their setting are same as OEM DG? And are the unused pins set as OEM DG requests?


I’m sorry … I already knew the cause.
There was a pull-up resistor at pin A11.
It seems that TX 2 was in boundary scan mode.
Take the resistance and open A11, it looked like a USB device.

As I review the OEM guide, there is another thing to worry about, so I ask you a question.

The JTAG_GP 0 (JTAG_TRST_N) terminal is currently operated open, but is it correct?
In this state, TX 1 is operating.

that’s all.

It is correct.