An error occurred during deployment

Hi,I got the engine file using tlt-converter on the Jetson platform, but the following error occurred when I ran it:

My configuration file is as follows:


Did you train the frcnn model with TLT 2.0 or TLT 3.0?

I am using TLT2.0

For TLT 2.0, please follow Deploying to Deepstream — Transfer Learning Toolkit 2.0 documentation
and the config file in deepstream_tlt_apps/nvdsinfer_customparser_frcnn_tlt at release/tlt2.0.1 · NVIDIA-AI-IOT/deepstream_tlt_apps · GitHub

I carefully read the README in deepstream_tlt_apps, compiled and replaced the oss file in jetson, when I executed
‘./ds-tlt -c …/configs/frcnn_tlt/pgie_frcnn_tlt_config.txt -i ./sample_720p.h264’,
it appeared The following error,

any idea? thanks

Please check if you have the write access to the folder.

I successfully ran the sample, but when I replaced it with the etlt file I trained, the following error occurred:

Below is my pgie_frcnn_tlt_config.txt

Please double check the config file according to the error prompt.