An external can card cannot be used normally

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EGPC-B4S1_User_Manual_20200618.pdf (2.0 MB)

hello junxing.liang,

there’s CAN (Controller Area Network) on the DevKits, may I know why you’re using an external card.
please confirm you’ve correct pin connections, and you should also having correct driver configurations.

Because our can port is not enough, we use the can card. It feels that our system conflicts with this card. You can use the 1.0 I gave you Txt can you see the reason for the error

hello junxing.liang,

did you have follow the steps to install socketCAN driver correctly? did the device is recognized by system?

It’s all installed, but it doesn’t work spontaneously. It’s amazing to use the can analyzer

hello junxing.liang,

please debug into it since this is an external device.

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