Analog IO's in Jetson AGX Orin

I am trying information related to gpio of Jetson AGX Orin but I have been able to find only one document. So can you point me in the right direction regarding if there is ADC support over Jetson AGX Orin ( analog io’s). Also can you provide link to sample codes of gpio in c language for the same board.

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No, ADC is not supported.

Can you provide sample code or link to sample code for gpio’s ?

Do you mean you would like to set GPIO pin to 0 or 1 in a C code?

Yes, I am not finding its code related to gpio in c… Is it like raspberrypi code or different.

Please refer to this post:
How to use GPIO in C language - #2 by dusty_nv

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Need help with GPIO port accessing :

Tried using /sys command to write on gpio port

Following error comes:
echo : write error : Invalid Argument.
How to resolve this error.

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