Analogue Devices HDMI to CSI ADV7480 not supported

Developing an ORIN NX carrier need to support HDMI camera. Used Analogue Devices HDMI to CSI ADV7480 but it is not working. which component is supported?

hello ngoldfisher,

you may refer to Lontium LT6911UXC HDMI-CSI bridge driver.
there’s reference driver from Jetpack-5.1.3/ r35.5.0, please visit jetson-linux-r3550 page to download [Driver Package (BSP) Sources] for public release sources.
the path of the driver is…

This is in reference also to this post (which is still not solved): HDMI Camera - ADV7480 - CSI - ORIN NX - #9 by JerryChang

I reiterate what I have send on the e-mail on June 13th, as requested, here in the forum:

There is a need to connect a HDMI camera to an ORIN NX module CSI interface.
There is an ADV7480 that is supposed to interface the Camera with the ORIN.
Upon following the official documentation and asking on the forum about such a setup, the best situation that we could came across was to be able to successfully load the ADV748x driver at boot time. This was confirmed by the output of the dmesg command:

The steps done to reach this step were to add the specific device tree nodes in a separate dts file that was included in the chain of the device tree files.

The issue at hand is that even though the driver seems to be loaded correctly, there is still no mapping of the /dev/video0.

Clearly the steps we took ware successful up to a point since the kernel was able to load the necessary module.

However, not having a /dev/video0 char device, we cannot use it.

What steps have been taken:

Adding CONFIG_VIDEO_ADV748X in defconfig
The dtsi file done is attached. It was based on another dtsi so there might still be some things that are not used.
The activation was done via an overlay compiled into an dtbo and used in p3509-a02+p3767-0000.conf

The questions raised would be:

  1. First, is there an incompatibility of the ADV7480 with Nvidia?
  2. Is there a similar example from where we could start from or to have as reference?
  3. Is this linked to the device tree? I mean e.g. could this be a problem with the e.g. mode0 settings of the node we created?
  4. Do we need more information from Analog Devices for point 3.?
  5. Do we need other Kconfig in defconfig?
  6. The provided answer above suggests taking the lt6911 driver as reference. That is a driver and not an approach of integrating it in the device tree. As you can see, the ADV7480 driver is already loaded. I am not sure what to do with this lt6911 driver. Could you please clarify the suggestion further?
  7. We worked with 5.1.1. Do we need to change to 5.1.3?

camera-adv748x-overlay.dts.txt (2.8 KB)
tegra234-camera-adv748x.dtsi.txt (23.7 KB)

Thank you