"Analysis Summary" data in Nsight Systems GUI

I am running Nsight Systems on my local system with Nvidia GPU.

When I open .nsys-rep/.qdrep file in the Nsight Systems GUI there is a drop down window option “Analysis Summary” which shows all the information about CPU, GPU description, Profiling results, Process summary etc.,

When I export this .qdrep/.nsys-rep file into Sqlite format I can’t see this “Analysis Summary” data present in any of the tables in sqlite(DB) file. I would like to write a script to fetch all the text data present on “Analysis Summary” window and print it into a text file.

If someone has any idea on how to do that please let me know. Thank you.

Unfortunately the Analysis Summary page is data calculated from the .nsys-rep during load time, and not from the sqlite file. Much of that data can also be extracted using the “nsys stats” functionality, which is scriptable.