Anbox-cloud performance with NVIDIA A16 GPU

Server : DEll PowerEdge R740 (48 cores ) (with hyperthreading enabled 96 vcpu cores) (RAM: 384 GB)

GPU : NVIDIA A16 4 cards

OS : Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS (x86_64)

Anbox-cloud-appliance version : 1.19.2

I am evaluating anbox-cloud for cloud gaming on the above mentioned server (single node baremetal server).

I have created anbox application with a game apk (subway_surfers) using the dashboard .

I have also created another anbox application with a test apk (which plays the recorded game video session as soon as it is launched) for creating loadtest sessions.

Using the following bash script to launch the loadtest sessions :


For loop with number range

for i in {0…60}
anbox-cloud-tests.benchmark -t 30 --insecure-tls --screen-width=1280 --screen-height=720 --screen-fps=60 --application=testanbox --url=https:// --auth-token=“” &
sleep 10

Once the loadtest sessions are active, from dashboard I am creating a session for the game application (subway_surfers) and checking the play experience.

Under load it is observed that there are occasional fps drops .

I have also attached some screenshots captured under load.

What is the reason for fps drops affecting gameplay experience even when cpu usage (50%) has not peaked and GPU usage (40%) has not peaked?

Please suggest if there are any recomended nvidia settings to avoid fps drop under load ?
Also please suggest if there are any anbox cloud specific settings to avoid fps drop under load ?

With the above mentioned server and GPU cards, what is the number of maximum concurrent sessions that could be run with 720p and 60fps cloud gaming sessions.

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Hello there @srinidhikrs and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I am afraid these forums might not have the right people to answer your questions.

Usually you should contact Enterprise support on recommendations like these, but you might try and ask this question in the vGPU forum category. I can move this post over if you like.


Note: I redacted the private information from your command line above. Please do not share those kind of public IP addresses or access tokens.

Please move the question to the mentioned forum

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