Android 4.3 Support

At our studio, we primarily develop and debug on a Nexus 7, as it is one of our few Tegra devices. It was working (relatively*) fine, until it got an OTA update for Android 4.3. Now, debugging on it is impossible, and the only thing I can do is run with ctrl-F5. This is significantly hampering our productivity.

I attempted to upgrade our NDK to r9, however after changing all the paths to the new r9 directory, the plugin refused to use it, saying that r8d is the only supported NDK.

Is there any ETA for 4.3 support? If it is not soon, we are going to have to look into using an alternate dev environment.


*All of our computers also suffer from the issue reported here, and it is also quite harmful to productivity:

we’ll look into this

We were able to do a factor reset to 4.2.2 on one of our Nexus 7 (2012) editions and be able to debug again:

This is a known issues at Google and seems to affect all debuggers including their own.

Here is a thread for your tracking.

You can see that Google has responded saying that they have no workaround yet for non-rooted devices.

As noted in the thread you can work around it if you are willing to root. We will try to post again when we hear more or if we discover our own workaround.

the plugin refused to use it, saying that r8d is the only supported NDK.

Hello David, you could try replacing the \RELEASE.TXT in NDK r9 with the one from the NDK r8d. This should get you past this restriction. Correct plugin work is not guaranteed in this case, though.