Android demo crashes since SDK 3.2

There is a regression in the Android demo.
Occurs only with Tegra 2 (DELL Streak7, Honeycomb 3.2), Nexus7 is OK

Since 3.20 final version it crashes if you switch to the submarine scene.
3.2.0 beta 3 was the last working version.

I/GLES2RendererMaterial(1262): Vertex shader compile status:
I/nv_shader(1262): shader_debug: 47 lines, 0 errors.
I/GLES2RendererMaterial(1262): Fragment shader compile status:
I/nv_shader(1262): shader_debug: 22 lines, 0 errors.
I/DEBUG(89): Build fingerprint: ‘dell/streak7/streak7:3.2/HTJ85B/eng.cmbuild.20110919.173527:user/release-keys’
I/DEBUG(89): pid: 1262, tid: 1270 >>> com.nvidia.physx.samples.Samples
I/DEBUG(89): signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 004d0000
I/DEBUG(89): r0 634a6f08 r1 004d0000 r2 00000000 r3 00000000
I/DEBUG(89): r4 0000a69f r5 00437ad0 r6 00000000 r7 00000060
I/DEBUG(89): r8 00436640 r9 00429610 10 59091628 fp 003a5120
I/DEBUG(89): ip 00555360 sp 590914e0 lr aff10ca4 pc 81b0416c cpsr 80000010
I/DEBUG(89): #00 pc 0030416c /data/data/com.nvidia.physx.samples.Samples/lib/ (ZN5physx10Collection11deserializeEPvPNS_16PxUserReferencesEPKS2)
I/DEBUG(89): #01 pc 00125394 /data/data/com.nvidia.physx.samples.Samples/lib/ (_ZN4Crab4loadEPKc)
I/DEBUG(89): #02 pc 00126bac /data/data/com.nvidia.physx.samples.Samples/lib/ (_ZN4CrabC1ER15SampleSubmarinePKcP14RenderMaterial)
I/DEBUG(89): #03 pc 0012d0f0 /data/data/com.nvidia.physx.samples.Samples/lib/ (_ZN15SampleSubmarine19createDynamicActorsEv)
I/DEBUG(89): libc base address: aff00000

Hi Stefan,

thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We reproduced the crash when there is an obsolete cache directory left behind by an earlier version of the application.

Please try deleting the directory called “media/PhysX/3.2/Samples/user/cached” and try running it again.

We will fix the app in future versions so that this is no longer a problem.



OK, it worked after deleting the /cached/ folder and the file crab_ARM.bin