Android Library Project support

I’ve noticed that there doesn’t appear to be support for Android Library Projects,, from the template project options. To get around this I’ve been using a Application(.so -> .apk) Configuration type which seems to mostly work.

After doing some post-build cleanup to deal with some collision issues, everything builds and appears to run fine. The issue I’m running into is that breakpoints in this library project, in either native or java code, don’t get loaded. The interesting thing is that I can put breakpoints into the Java application code and step in correctly to the library Java code. What I can’t seem to do is step into the library native code.

Any ideas how I might be able to reconcile this? I plan to link the majority of my code into this .so and not being able to debug it is going to sting.


  • Bert

could you check your debug mode. there is three mode: java code. native code, Java and Native code. you need to use Java and Native code. you can find it project properties>Debugging>Debug Mode.

Android Libary Project will be supported in a future release

Double checked, both the library project and the final application project are set to Debug Mode : Java and Native code. I am noticing that for each breakpoint, the Debug output shows Failed to set breakpoint: Object reference not set to an instance of an object…

it was weird, could you give me a small sample to reproduce your issue? you could send it to

I setup a test case and it worked fine, so I started digging. It turned out the problem was that I was outputting the library project’s .so to a different location than the final application. It was fine for building the .apk but the debugger must not have been able to find it to load up the debug symbols. I made the output locations match and all is well.

Thanks for the suggestion and help!