Android on Jetson TK1

I meant this actually

I was just following the rabbit hole. My guess is that it’s part of a commercial venture and you’re not going to see much more about it.

Sure seems that way now, Its too bad. With all the shield tablet resources readily available now, I might have to start playing around with this.

Too bad. Android would be maybe even better than Ubuntu on this device. Hopefully @lucasdai will do something to release his port.;a=blob_plain;f=README;hb=rel-20-mp1-partner
I actually tried that but the fastboot just says waiting for device… i build the image tho… mb im just too mutch of a noob and dont know how to make it flash on to the jetson lol

Maybe yo need U-boot and boot it using the serial port? Hmmm… It would be cool if the shield tablet ROM could boot on the jetson since they both have same specs.

Probably we need an actual port anyway.

fastboot looks in the sixth partition ( option “-k 6”), so if the android kernel were not there and fastboot is installed, nothing will work. Odds might go up with u-boot since the kernel is simply placed in /boot and extlinux.conf edited. In L4T R19.3 it uses zImage, but somewhere in the near past it used vmlinux.uimg (there is a tool to convert to u-boot image format). Should u-boot be able to run the android kernel (even unsuccessfully), one can even edit kernel options in /boot/extlinux.conf. All of that flexibility for fastboot requires recompiling and flashing fastboot.bin plus flashing a kernel to -k 6 (it sure is easier putting a kernel in /boot). I too would bet experimenting with android kernels would be much more productive with u-boot…

Well…thanks for explanation

Sorry for no update for a long time. The ETA will be 7.7 .
Guys who want to develop this project together, Let’s talk by mail( to advance this project.

Nice to hear some news from you again. What do you mean by 7.7?

Sorry for typo. I mean the ETA for the release of Jedroid(Android on Jetson) is Sep.7 .
Those days I added some game hand shank and verified mainstream game. Jetson TK1 is absolutely the most powerful android game console :)
Still more features need to be done here. Let’s move on .

Oh, great then. Your typo confused me a bit so I had to ask. You can keep us hyped till release by posting some progress if you want to. Stuff like new features, benchmark results, games that lag *if there are any…

Keep up the great work!!

By the way, can you guys tell us (NVIDIA) why you want to use Android on Jetson TK1 instead of Linux? (Besides games)

I wouldnt use it instead of Ubuntu, Im hoping for an SD card version so I can have dual boot. Oh, and Ubuntu and Android are my two favourite Linux distros, I dont want to replace one for another.

For me, the only useful thing in Android for Jetson is XBMC with video acceleration. If NVIDIA would prepare patches for the Linux XBMC player, Android would be superfluous.


Same. Hardware acceleration. Blu ray playback is killing me.

Also, android is already polished on the tk1, unlike ubuntu. The shield tablet is already consumer ready and in stores.

That’s what has a lot of us wanting android.

Compared to that, I kind of feel like we are in a huge bug hunt with the jetson and Santyago is playing the part of Johnny Rico.

I totally agree with you. Android is anyway much more popular for ARM than ubuntu is so it has more apps.

Yah. I guess I’m going to have to try to compile xbmc Gotham for arm, since the only ppa version for arm is frodo.

Plus that pulseaudio thing. Did I mention that?