Android Virtual Machine / Emulation on the Jetson nano - Video Demo

Here is a quick screen recording of me running an Android KVM on the jetson nano.

Stuff to keep in mind :

Performance is poor while recording however, when nothing is running in the back ground I am getting around 60fps.

The Android image I am using is a pre-built Android 9.0 image built with linaro sources that seems like it was kind of thrown together with peaces of code that don’t really play nice together.

For more information on how this was accomplished please take a look at this post.

original post :

Video Demo :

The main peaces of the puzzle are as follows:

  1. An Android image with Mesa DRM/KMS support.
  2. Android kernel with the appropriate Virtio-gpu modules enabled.
  3. Modified Jetson nano kernel to add support for KVM
  4. compiled Virgilrender and qemu with virgilrender support.

If anyone is interested in trying out my pre-compiled kernel please let me know.
I’m working on releasing the modified kernel source as well.


Cool! Thanks for your sharing.

You can also sharing at Jetson Projects:

Thanks I posted it there as well.

as a side note, If anyone here does any android development and would be willing to compile an AOSP 8.1 or 7.1.2 image for testing it would be greatly appreciated as it would save me a lot of time.

If you are up for it please get in touch and I will point you in the direction of the required modifications required to support Mesa DRM/KMS within the image if you aren’t already aware.

This is required to support the Virtio-gpu / virtio drm kernel modules.

Kind Regards,

I’m available…