androidmanifest.xml isnt found ?


when i try to “import android project” it scans my folders for all files that are checked by default but it gives an error msg “androidmanifest.xml wasnt found” but i see he found it when browsing for the files he selected for import, any idea how to avoid this bug ?


Hi - this issue is being addressed in an upcoming release.

I have Tegra 1R5 version for MS Visual Studio 2015 and problem still exists.

I am starting new projects by importing existing android project with ndk

and get same AndroidManifest.xml “not found” error

by steps:

  1. file-> New project -> importing android NDK project:

  1. error after scanning the sources folder:

Hi Nikolay,

That is due to file layout difference. We assume that AndroidManifest.xml is at the rootDir.
For a workaround, you can just copy or mklink androidManifest.xml to rootDir.


Hi, thank you for your email. After I’ve copied Manifest file to rootDir it was imported fine.