AndroidWorks - installing without internet connection

For various reasons, I have to install AndroidWorks on a PC that I am not allowed to connect to the internet. To get around this, thinking that the installer might work like the cygwin installer, I did the following;

  • Downloaded the packages onto a internet connected PC
  • Copied the packages located in NVIDIA/AndroidWorks over to the non-connected PC
  • Ran the AndroidWorks program, making sure the package folder is correct

The component manager gets stuck in “Downloading update lock” - is there any way around this? Or do I have to copy over the unpacked/installed SDK packages and take care of setting any required environment vars myself?

Hi User lowlevelsoul,

Sorry for the late reply. The following steps may help you

  1. Set environment “chooser_ignore_update_lock=1”
  2. File a local.manifest which contains the following concepts
  "manifest": {
    "tadp": [
        "version": "1R2",
        "url": "file:////naw-windows-devzone.json",
        "installerMin": "1R2"
  1. Copy the file NVIDIA/AndroidWorks/repository.json to C:\NVPACK\naw-windows-devzone.json
  2. Rerun the installer then it will work without downloading from the internet.

Any more question, please let me know.