Animate a character with Ai Pose and stream animation into Unreal Engine

Hi, is it possible to animate a character and stream animation data like a live link into Unreal Engine?
As Live Link does with other softwares, I was wondering to relationate these two software to stream animation into Unreal and animate a character. I saw that is possible to sync Machinima and Unreal to make the same things at the same time, but I was waiting a confirm before doing something with character animations.

We don’t yet support live streaming of a USD Skel animation into Unreal. USD static mesh transforms will stream live, but we have a bit of work to do before we can stream animation data into Unreal. Thank you for asking your question, we’re starting to see more and more requests for things like this. If you have any more information you’d like to share about your specific goals/plans/application we’d love to hear about it. I’m currently tracking this feature with our internal issue OM-34784.