Animate Flow Preset Fire Effect

When trying to animate the fire effect preset settings such as “burn”, “coupleRateBurn”, “coupleRateDivergence”, “coupleRateFuel”, “coupleRateSmoke”, “coupleRateTemperature”, “coupleRateVelocity”, “divergence”,etc, I get an error message that reads, “keyframer: please select a formable or camera prim before adding keys to it”
How do I keyframe the Fire Effect?

Hello! I try to help you a bit with this one… I managed to animate Flow in Machinima, see:

So what I do here is I follow the manual Fluid Dynamics — Omniverse Create documentation

So I greate a separate own box with command Create->Flow->Add Box Emitter

Then I change the layer value on both this new emitter and in flowSimulate to 4.

Now I have 2 different Xforms I can animate with, the first one is for position and second one is for scale :)

btw I see I made a mistake in my video by selecting the “FlowEmitterSphere” when I changed the layer to 4. I checked the scene and had before recording the video set the correct “FlowSimulate” objects layer to 4 too:

Thats why it works in video :P
I know this is not answering your question about animating "burn”, “coupleRateBurn” etc. but maybe this helps you a bit further on your way?