Animating cc3 character with multiple "motions" in seq

I managed to follow this great tutorial:

I also checked out all these:

Now please tell me how to drag these motions in Machinima sequencer so I can assign multiple different motions for this one character. Like first walk x 3 times, then walk stop, then magical dance.

I do not know what element from what folder to drag in sequencer?

Hey Pekka!

One fun fact for you, if you want to use wrnch on the CC characters, add this file to your wrnch extension here(machinimaapp\exts\wrnch.engine.wrx_decoder\wrnch\engine\wrx_decoder):
wrx_xform_reallusion.json (2.1 KB)

As for the rest of your question, this is me using the included reallusion characters + animation. The videos above don’t take sequencer into account! The motions work just like the provided animations (effectively drag and drop), one issue you may run into is the motions from reallusion occasionally have alot of “dead air” in them, so you’ll need to trim them down. You can see the workflow here:


BTW did you see the attaching fire to hands in the twitch stream? I’m planning on making some small films myself around this idea.

I tried to combine “relaxed walk loop” and “relaxed walk end” motions. I see there is going to be a small jump on foot movement:

Why is this? Are these free motions from CC library made to be little jumpy at seams?
I just want to know before I write to their forum/support about this…

About the fire attached to arms, yes Dane I saw this too at your twitch.
I was about to ask this…

I cannot find the skeleton of this cc character. How can I see it, or how can I constrain anything to her arms?

I realize these motions do not blend together without jumos/gaps:

I have to hide these with camerawork. Some kind AI estimation would do good here.
Are you planning on that kind of solution?