Animating rotation - always spins one extra round?

Hello! My video shows my problem:

Please help, why this happens?

Hi @pekka.varis We have a ticket in the system already for this bug. There is an issue with the timeSampleEditor preserving Euler angles.

To workaround the issue - there are a few things you can try.

  • In a DCC Package, Reset the transforms on your geometries so they are at 0,0,0 in rest position. This is generally good practice - Even when Eulers are preserved - A starting orientation of 90, 180, 180. is setting you up to encounter gimbal issues.

  • Alternatively - You can create an xform node. Place it on the hinge axis (keeping rotation values at 000) - and Constrain or Parent the Xform to the Door you wish to animate. You should not encounter this problem starting at 0.

Thanks Ronan!
I created a Xform node ( this was new to me - great ) and dragged my door elements underneath it.
Then I tried to animate the rotation:

Spinning wildly around… What could this be?


If I click on one of my door elements, I see the “orient” feature on rotation:

I moved the Xform node to vertical middle of my door objects, but still it spins around all rotation axis when animated…

Thanks again @pekka.varis Sorry for the delay in getting back to you… I was on vacation recently. You are hitting more TSE bugs… If the Xform is in world space - with a 000 rot value you should be able to align it with the pivot and only have values on the channel doing the rotation. The Time Sample Editor was an internal dev tool we released in the absence of having anything better for keyframing at the time. It has many issues - especially as other aspects of the animation system developed around it. As I mentioned in the other thread - we have a new keyframing tool coming in the next release. While it is still in development - it will allow you to do these simple animations with much more ease and overall is a far better experience than the TimeSampleEditor. Thanks for your patience with the TSE. We are working to get this next release out to you guys ASAP.

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