Animating skidmarks in Omniverse

Hi! Im trying to recreate what I’ve seen on demo reels of Omniverse’s vechicle animations. Im getting closer and closer with a lot of trial and error (Nvidia Omniverse flow burnout test - YouTube), but already figured out a lot of things from the documentation and the forums. Now I’m a bit stuck as I have no idea how I could achive skidmarks for a drifting car. I could make it in blender, but then I’d have to do the whole animation in blender, but the animating of the car and the smoke is way more faster if I do it in machinima. I would like to know if I’ve missed something, or either if its not possible at the moment. Any hints are welcome! Thank you!

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Hello @k.f.kristofoletti! I’ve forwared your request over to the team for some assistance!

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Hi Wendy! First I would like to say thanks for your quick response! Since then I’ve figured out the method, so its possible! I’m planning to make a tutorial soon. :) omniverse skidmarks test - YouTube

Well… update: Omniverse - Timesampled opacity map flickering bug - YouTube

I got some weird flickering glitches on the timesampled opacity map…

Update #2:

Guess I found the solution. In Path tracing mode I increased the number of subframes for the rendering (16 seems ok). Also put a collider plane on top of the one with the skidmarks to prevent it from intersecting with the volumetrics (not sure if its really necessary).

Hi, I would love to see a tutorial on this process. I have been intrigued with Dave Tyner’s Live video stream that will include a car being chased by a drone. It would be awesome to see how to add skidmarks to the scene!