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I am new here and I was wondering if there is a tutorial available that explains the process of creating “path - curve” and “path - points” samples using Animation Graph and Action Graph in Machinima?

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@csevtekin i personally haven’t come across tutorials going over the specifics of those two nodes. if you don’t mind me asking, what are you looking to achieve?

as a side note, i would probably suggest working with action/animation graph in Composer since Machinima may not be in development anymore.

Hi @Simplychenable:

Thank you for the information. I will work with the Action/Animation Graph in Composer.

I opened the Sample tab in Machinima and noticed there are two sample projects where you can move the character using path-points and path-curve.

Path - Points:

For target points, under the Stage tab, there are AnimationGraph & PathPoints. It seems like there is a link between them. I was trying to add more points in the scene for the character to follow, but I just don’t know how link those points to the character by using Animation graph nodes.

Path - Curve:

The same goes for the path-curve; I don’t know how to make the character follow any curve other than what they use in the sample project.

I assume these points are used for creating curve path. Again I don’t know how to link them via Animation graph node.

My ultimate goal is to calculate the time each character spends from point A to point B and the path length for each character. Eventually, I aim to determine the overall time and overall path length for each character to follow during the animation. I hope there is a way to do those calcs.

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