Animation prox deformer - after blendshape solve?

Hello :)
How can I put “animation prox deformer” from a face on a different face part (eyebrows, etc) after the blendshape solve?
It worked on the “_result” mesh after my character setup, but it doesn’t work on the blendshape solve mesh.

This is not possible as blendshape and skin result is not written to USD.

In this case, the best way is to do a transfer blendshapes (So you have the same blendShapes on the driven meshes), then drive this blendShape using the same blendShapeSolve node that is driving the driver mesh.

Thanks for your reply Ehsan!
But I’m looking for a solution that will work not only in real-time through the LazyGraph, but in the sequencer - to have the control over timing, etc.

It seems like Anim Deformer works great on the “_result” mesh. So the “_result” is written to the USD? How does that work?

Thanks 🙏

That’s correct the deformation on the _result mesh is written to USD, therefore deformers can be applied on top.