Animation Retargeting/Retarget Pose with Audio2Gesture and CC4 Characters

Manipulating the Retarget Pose to fix collision issues with CC4 Characters and Audio2Gesture causes fingers to be misaligned.

Video here shows steps taken that were needed to retarget pose to prevent collisions as well as repositioning the shoulders. The default retarget made the shoulders more upright and pulled back, making the character to appear tense. The retarget pose adjustments fixed these issues but after multiple changes the fingers appeared to get more misaligned.

Also, below are the values for all the adjustments made for the retarget pose to prevent collisions and to relax the shoulder appearance. Is there a way to script this, so that I wouldn’t have to do all these adjustments manually for every single character?

R_Upperarm -14 Z-axis
L_Upperarm +14 Z-axis

R_Upperarm -15 X-axis
L_Upperarm -15 X-axis

L_Clavicle -10 Z-axis
R_Clavicle +10 Z-axis

L_Clavicle +22 X-axis
R_Clavicle +22 X-axis

Hello @tsaguindel! Thanks for letting us know about these adjustments! I’ve informed the team to make updates to their tutorial. I’ve also asked the devs if there is a way to script this so that it can be applied to all of your characters. I’ll post back when I have more information for you!

Hello, it’s not that obvious from the video, but it’s possible the retarget pose for fingers are more misaligned as you rotate more of the clavicles. Make sure the retarget pose for fingers matches both side. For example, the thumb alignment can be very easy to miss. The idea of retarget pose is to make sure that is the same pose in both side. Make sure they align horizontally. Also you can compare with Audio2Gesture base mesh retarget pose, which will be the best way to match both side of the pose. You can’t edit Audio2Gesture base mesh retarget pose though, so you’ll have to edit the retarget pose of your mesh.

Thanks for your reply. I didn’t make any adjustments to the fingers. I’ve gone through multiple iterations of this and found the best were as I listed above. However, even then, the result of the fingers were not equivalent to the A2G base mesh. I’m guessing there is nothing that can be done to fix this but if there is something that can be done to prevent collisions and the awkward shoulders from the default retargeting, then no adjustments would be needed in the first place.

P.S. - Can you provide a little guidance on where to start if I wanted to script the adjustments that I listed above? I presume this can be done in python, but what would be the module or function names that might be used to do that?

Looking for an update from Nvidia / Reallusion to fix these issues :)
However, @tsaguindel the solution you have shown above with all details, works pretty well!!

Everybody, see it in action here:

And here we see this fix / tweak in use with A2face: