Animation retargeting

Hi Team,
I am working on Animation retargeting in Omniverse Create Application.
I wanted to understand what type of rigged file (Byped rigging or standard bone setup) that needs to be used here to get proper animation retargeting output.
Guide me in this.

Kindly check the screenshots attached.


Hi @user153713. Do you mind sharing a screen shot of your retarget pose inside of Omniverse? You can view this pose by going to the Animation Retargeting tab, and then down in the Retarget Pose row hit the “View” button. It should snap the character back into the pose that Retargeting is using. I see that in your top image, the character is in an A-pose, so it might have trouble setting a good retarget pose. We generally recommend setting the character to a T-pose before importing into Omniverse to use retargeting.

Let me know how it goes!