Animation within Omniverse or External?


If I wanted to animate my machinima not using Wrnch is there a tool in Omniverse to allow me to do that or would I be better doing this in something like Blender? If it would be better to export into a different program, how would I go about this? Can I just export the rig, create an animation without the assests then bring that back in or does it have to be both?


Hello, thanks for your interest in Machinima and good question, I’ll ask the devs about alternatives to using Wrnch. Thanks in advanced for your patience!

Hi @mfowler11 The answer varies depending on what you are trying to animate. We have tools in machinima to help with camera animation. Character Keyframing within machinima is currently not possible. If you are talking about keyframing characters or complicated props then yes please use the DCC of your choice that has a connector to OV. We will be rolling out more comprehensive animation tools in the future.

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Thanks I thought that might be the case :)

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