Animation won't load

Mixamo animation and sketchfab animated charactors won’t be able to load in Machinima 2022.2.1.

I noticed that for files made by previous version 22.1, some of the animated assets from Sketchfab and Mixamo are still valid, even when I open them up in Machinima 22.2. But when I import them again to the same file in 22.2, they won’t move. It’s like they got locked up in the first frame. And the tiny human motion label shown on their clip in sequencer was gone too.

Hello @RudeLoo! Thanks for reporting this. I am sending this issue over to the dev team as a bug.

A development ticket was created from this post: OM-64702: Animation won’t load

Thanks Wendy! Also one more issue: My CC4 and sketchfab characters all suffer from some serious hair loss (When importing asset with hair, the hair just got lost/disappear. )

@RudeLoo - can you send over the mixamo/sketchfab fbx’s you’re having issues with?

Swing To Land.fbx (2.1 MB)
Running.fbx (1.8 MB)
So far for any animated FBX file, Machinima 22.2 on my pc has problem loading the animations properly.
I wonder if it’s the same on your end. I can screenshare my end via discord if needed.

Did you drag in the animation into sequencer? This is what I get when I do that.

Got both working - you have to drag the Payloads into Sequencer and then drop the respective animations on top of them. I think this is still a bug tho, will Jira.

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Hi I followed your steps and they still won’t move (freeze at a certain pose). But the tiny human motion label does show on clip.
Also can you test the sketchfab asset?
kelly-dance-moves-download-freefire-free.usdz (1.7 MB)
This one used to be able to dance.
Can this bug be fixed any time soon?
I can’t do any animation with Machinima recently.

Oh boy. I have to drag the animation twice into the sequencer to make the model move properly. But yeah, at least it solved the issue somehow. Thanks!

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Glad to hear you got it to work! Can you post a video showing your workflow?


Check this out!
I haven’t quite figure out retargeting yet. Hope I’m doing it right.

Also Sketchfab asset can move too after digging deep into the model and apply the animation embedded mannually to the clip.

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