Annotating custom points on a 3d object in Omniverse (Isaac Sim)

If I have a 3D objects would I be able to annotate custom points on it and ask Omniverse Isaac Sim to propagate these annotations through replicator?

For example, if I have a 3D car, is there a way to annotate the center of wheels (visible to the eyes) and later on include these custom annotations (4 centers of the wheels) along with the tight 3D bounding box in json file?

If so, how do we do the custom annotation and also how do we save them? Is there any tutorial/video on that? I may have used wrong set of keywords for my search. Thanks for any help.


Hi @mona.jalal - Please take a look at the annotator documentation from Replicator extension and let us know if it’s helpful to you: Annotators Information — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation

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