Announcing Nsight Systems for x86 Linux Targets!

It is official! Nsight Systems for x86 Linux has shipped!

As GPU performance steadily ramps up, your application may be overdue for a tune-up to keep pace. Developers have used independent CPU profilers and GPU profilers in search of bottlenecks and optimization opportunities across their disjointed datasets for years. Using these independent tools can result in picking small optimizations based on false positive indicators or missing large opportunities that fall into the gaps between the tools if you’re not careful. NVIDIA now offers its new Nsight Systems to address these problems, helping you see the bigger picture.

The public download can be reached from

Major Features

  • View system-wide application behavior across CPUs and GPUs
  • CPU cores utilization, processes, thread activities, and user annotations
  • CPU thread call-stack collections
  • Statistics from periodic sampling
  • Blocking function analysis
  • GPU workload trace
  • Investigate CPU-GPU interactions and bubbles
  • CUDA API trace along with cuBLAS and cuDNN library trace
  • OpenGL API
  • GPU workload correlation
  • NVTX user annotation support
  • Lightning fast GUI capable of visualizing in excess of 10 million events
  • Launch from the GUI or use the command line collection tool
  • NV-Docker container support
  • NVIDIA GPU Cloud support

To learn more about this product see the blog posting at, read the documentation at, or post a question in the forum

This new version of Nsight interests me because its Windows version is always not working if the target is Quadro K600 and trying various graphics cards is not an option for me. If there is a Linux version of Nsight, I can use Linux machine in my school as target to use Shader Debugging. But it seems that the motivation of this new version of Nsight is only for a better performance of profiling, a gap from my expectation as always. So I would like to make sure this new Nsight version will be working for me the way I am expecting.

If my host is:

  • Windows 10
  • GeForce GTX 780 Ti
  • Nsight 5.5
  • Latest driver installed
    and the remote Linux target is:
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • GeForce GTX 750 Ti or TITAN Black
  • The “Nsight Systems for x86 Linux Targets” announced in this thread
  • driver 367.57 installed
  1. can I install this Linux Nsight solely on my user’s space, because the Linux I am using is in a large institute which I don’t have write access to the system folders?
  2. If Linux Nsight can be installed, can I use Nsight for Shader Debugging under the above configuration?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


So this is Nsight Systems, which is a new profiling tool, like the Tegra System Profiler, as opposed to being a new version of Nsight Visual Studio Edition.

Have you filed a bug on the issue you are seeing with NsightVSE? It should work on the Quaddro K600.

I have filed quite a few bugs on Nsight Visual Studio Edition forum since the beginning of this year on Shadder Debugging, but no one receives any reply from nVidia. One example is here: Another is here:

Do you know is there any way to arouse the attention of the guys of Nsight Visual Studio Edition?

PS: why not develop an Nsight system that meets my need? It is a real need from user rising from practical use.

I have pinged the Nsight VSE guys.

Nsight is going to be the brand name for several tools going forward.

Currently there are:

Nsight Visual Studio Edition - Compilation and Debug
Nsight Systems - Fast, lightweight, full system profiling
Nsight Graphics - Frame profiling

With more tools to come.