Announcing the latest TAO Toolkit 4.0

In the latest version, we introduced several exciting new features, including source code availability with the Enterprise license.

Release highlights:

  • Automatically fine-tune hyperparameters with AutoML
  • Experience turnkey deployment of TAO into various cloud services – Azure ML, Google Vertex AI, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), Amazon EKS, and more
  • Integrate TAO with third-party MLOPs services - W&B and ClearML
  • Experience TAO on Google Colab
  • Complete access of TAO source code and model weights for the pretrained models without encryption using NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite
  • New transformer-based vision models (CitySemSegformer, Peoplenet Transformer) and pretrained models for retail and smart city tasks (Retail Object Detection, Retail Object Recognition, and Person ReIdNet)
  • Support for newer GPUs - H100, L40 and L4

The latest version can be downloaded here

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