Annoying Isight bug

Sorry if this is in the wrong area; I wasn’t sure how to place it. When I run my application, sometimes the application works fine and sometimes Isight ‘hangs’ on the Nvidia logo (the logo with the rotating circle that comes up when you first bring up an Isight web page.) I have to use Isight to control my robot since I’m using the virtual joystick. I’ve tried reloading, clearing cache, using Firefox, Chrome, and Edge across three computers. It seems to be a totally random issue. Anyone else seen this and can offer a solution? I’m using Issac SDK 2019.3. Yes, I’ve tried to upgrade to 2020.1, but my build files fail when I do that.

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Hello there,
Had the same issue when not on chrome also same when trying to look at sight from PC when running on nano, Here is the post I created about that a while ago, never fixed it… do you have the same error when looking at chrome inspector ? Seems like it’s about wrong pose tree…


Possibly the same bug. I’ll run inspector the next time I bring sight back up and it fails. I brought it up yesterday and it worked fine. The last time I tried to bring it up, it failed on two PCs and a virtual system running Ubuntu 18. As I said, it’s quite random and annoying. In my case, it not only has failed on Sight running on the Nano, but it fails on Sight running the gmapping host application.

Inspecting my code on the console, this appears to be the exact same error as you. I’m not sure why it occurs sometimes and not others.


First my apologies to you Planktos, we should have replied to your bug earlier. I just gave some answer, but I did not realized at the time it was that old, so I am going to add more information here as well:

The issue you see is a connection/network issue, the files failed to load (timeout), this seems more common with chrome than firefox. Since you first opened the bug, we have improved a bit by reducing the size of the bigger javascript size, and we have also enable compression on the server. Since then we haven’t seen many issue.

I see you’re still running Isaac SDK 2019.3, so you do not have this changes unfortunately.

My suggestion is:

  • If refreshing works, then just refresh a few times, once it’s working you should not need to refresh, even if you restart your application.
  • See what I suggested in the other post (manually load the script afterwards, a bit painful, and I am not sure if it will work)
  • Move to the latest Isaac =)


Refreshing doesn’t seem to work in my case. I have noticed that stopping and starting the app sometimes seems to fix the problem. I would love to be able to upgrade, however, I seem to recall that 2020.1 changed Bazel version and that broke my BUILD files :) I’m hoping that once I can get this app working, I can go back and fix the BUILD files so that they’ll work with the newer versions of Isaac.