Another bug in 11.6...or is it me?


This little piece of code:

integer(KIND=4) :: nb
integer :: err

print*,nb,'cuda capable GPUs on this node'

Gives me this result with version 11.6 of the compiler:

32767 cuda capable GPUs on this node

and this result with version 11.1:

4 cuda capable GPUs on this node

Unfortunately for me, it is version 11.1 which gives the correct answer.

Looks like an unsigned integer issue. It looks like the problem is similar with the cudaSetDevice() function.


Did the returned ‘err’ value indicate there was a problem?

I am not sure that if there is an error, the value of ‘nb’ would have meaning.

If err is okay, send a complete failing program to


Looks like there is indeed an error: number 35. And now, when the code fails a while later, it gives this info:

FAILED: 35(CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version)

Looks I have to update de driver version… I’ll check this next week.