Another Ubuntu 11.10 Driver Problem display detection

Hello all,

After frusterating hours I come to the forum for your guys help. My Vid cards were running fine on the windows 7 platform. I recently installed ubuntu 11.10 and its only detecting 1 GPU. I have two monitors and when I connect both monitors to the same card, im able to detect both monitors in the nvidia x server but not able to run. Im assuming SLI is turned off, im not being able to switch via GUI settings SLI on or OFF.

I googled tons, and searched and searched, and have tried updating the grup but either I did something wrong or its just not working/compatible.

My hardware settings are

2 evga 275 gtx’s
4 gigs of ram
sata HD’s

I hope you guys can guide me through this as I want to do the tweaks i saw like the 3d ubuntu desktop.

I had some issues initially getting Ubuntu 11.10 to work with both of my monitors. When you first install Ubuntu it will select/highlight by default some numbered version of the Drivers. However, this is not a current driver. If you select both nvidia-current and nvidia-current-updates you’ll get the 280.13 driver which worked for me for 2 monitors. But note, 280.13 still didn’t work for me for building CUDA samples. For that I needed the 290.10 driver. See my response to this thread: