Another VS2008 integration question...

Hi folks, CUDA noob here.

I’ve downloaded and installed the 3 components of cuda 2.2 on my Dell M1530 laptop. When I run the examples from the SDK browser, they seem to run just fine. Now I’m trying to use it from within Visual Studio 2008 Pro. I’m trying to follow the instructions I found here (they are using the same setup):

The strange thing is I seem to be missing some folders. My install path is “C:\Cuda…”. The link above states that to get highlighting working within vs2008 I’m to look for a useryype.dat file contained in “NVidia Corporation\NVidia cuda sdk\doc\syntax_highlighting\visual_studio_8”. I do have a “doc” folder contained in “C:\cuda\doc” but I have no “syntax_highlighting” folder. Have things changed? Can someone point me to a good link that I can use to get this setup working? I was hoping to find some instructions in the sdk but I don’t see anything along these lines. Thanks in advance!


Found this thread in the Cuda + XP forum, looks like it’ll help:

Hi there,

On my machine I got the C:\cuda directory from installing the toolkit and the c:\program files\NVidia Corporation\NVidia cuda sdk\doc\syntax_highlighting\visual_studio_8

from installing the SDK - as far as I know it hasn’t changed but if you still have a problem and find a solution let me know and I will update the article accordingly.