Ansel responding to mouse & keyboard even when not in focus

This is a regression from Studio driver version 462.59 to 471.11 (and continuing to current 472.12).

In 462.59, when an Ansel session was started (the UI came up), it would hide the windows cursor and show its own cursor captive to the game window. If you Alt+Tabbed out or used the Windows key to wrestle focus away from the game window, Ansel would hide its own cursor and ignore keybaord and mouse input.

In 471.11 and after, when an Ansel session is started, it still hides the windows cursor and shows its own cursor captive to the game window (same as before). However, now when removing focus from the game window, the Ansel cursor stays active and responds to all mouse and keyboard input, as well as the actual windows mouse. This leads to clicks on other monitors or keyboard strokes in other focused windows actually being responded to by the Ansel UI as well.

This causes issues for us as we use Ansel to render images in the background while continuing to use the workstation to perform other tasks.

This occurs in both UE4.26 and UE4.27 and is repoducible only in the driver versions stated above. Additionally, this is using the original Ansel implementation (in the Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\ folder), since the new Ansel implementation does not allow rendering in non-fullscreen mode, and is unable to perform a background render when the game is not in focus.

Hi @cameron.abt , welcome back to the forums!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Sadly I don’t have an immediate fix for you, but I will bring this up with our developers. If they require more information, I will post here again or send you a direct message.

In the meantime, you might want to check out the related community in our dedicated GeForce end-user forums, it is possible someone had the same issue and found a workaround.


Thanks Markus. I checked through that forum before posting and couldn’t find anything similar. I also tried to post there first, but for some reason the Create button wouldn’t enable after I was putting in the title… EDIT: Ok, turns out the UI isn’t great and the “Title your topic” section is a text input field while I was trying to put the topic title in the body section. I’ll cross post there too.

Happy to hear from development though, I expect chances of a solution are higher here.


You are welcome.

One quick follow-up if you don’t mind, which version of GeForce Experience are you using?


I re-installed Studio driver 462.59 including the GeForce Experience version that came with it, so I’m currently running which is functional. (EDIT: it actually looks like is the most recent version, not the version that would be installed alongside 462.59. I expect when I downgraded from 472.12 back to 462.59, it kept the newer version of GFE and didn’t install the older version)

When upgrading to the new (non-functional) drivers, I did a clean install and included the GeForce Experience install with those drivers - I don’t have those GFE versions offhand.

Just to make my original post more clear, the Ansel version we’re using has a UI that looks like the attached image.

Thanks again,

Thanks for the additional picture, I will add that to the issue report.

The GFE version did not change as far as I am aware, so that information also helps.


Perfect, thanks. I figured I might as well add a video to show the issue too. This is taken after a clean install of Studio driver version 472.12, installed from the non-DCH version (472.12-desktop-win10-win11-64bit-international-nsd-whql.exe):