Antialiasing mode is not working in newer 375.86 NVidia Quatro K2100M video driver

Hi !

We have two machines, one with Nvidia Quatro K2100M, driver version 362.13 and anti-aliasing mode settings works for our application (we are developing our own 3d visualization software), but does not work with Nvidia Quatro K2100M, driver version 375.86 (Legacy driver).

What we have checked through Antialiasing settings selection list changes from simple “2x”, “4x”, … “16x” to more advanced like “2x (2xMS)”, “4x (4xMS)”, … “64x (16xSS, 4xMS)”, which looks like somehow related to different antialiasing modes support, fyi:

But now question - is antialiasing support intentionally broken for existing applications ?
is there any brief description how API has changed on code level (open GL).