Any chance Nvidia can start posting the DVP SDK publicly?

Currently, we are dependent on the capture card manufacturers to update and provide us the components of the DVP SDK. For software that wants to support multiple different vendors, this is a real headache. Different vendors ship against different versions, and provide different parts of the DVP SDK. For example many vendors are still on v1.63, and provide headers to match it. Their integration expects us to call DVP functions directly.

I’m now trying to add support for another vendor that ships with v1.70, but their integration entirely hides the DVP API. Thus, they don’t ship with the DVP headers at all. This means that I’m still compiling against 1.63 headers, but now shipping with dvp.dll v1.70, which could cause all kinds of issues, depending on how the API has changed from 1.63->1.70.
It would be great if we could instead get direct access to the SDK so we can properly manage these components ourselves.
Thanks for your consideration