Any Commercial Products Running Isaac?

I’m curious if anyone here has shipped a product running Isaac? I find some of the ideas behind ISAAC very interesting like: static edges, web server based visualization, statistic reports, and subgraphs. I would love to use Isaac for my product as it seems more efficient than ROS and better suited for smaller devices, but the following things are concerning:

  1. Core components central to the safe operation of a robot missing documentation and source code. I understand that these pieces are free, but it seems like the main attraction to Isaac is “The faster, smarter, and safer way to build robots”. I am skeptical building a robot around these black boxes if I can’t verify how they work and can’t change them if bugs occur.

  2. Why so much difference between 2020.1 and 2020.1NX? Missing components (StereoDNN) and different library versions (Zed) between the two even though there’s ~3 month time difference between supposedly same versions of the library.

I’m curious how those building commercial products around Isaac feel about these things?

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These are all good questions, thank you. Isaac is optimized for complex robotics applications that demand image processing, planning, navigation using processors/systems built for autonomous machines (i.e. NVIDIA discrete GPUs, Jetson AGX, Jetson Nano). Isaac can work well with ROS and communication between them is easy. For rapid prototyping, this involves turning an Isaac codelet into a ROS node:

  1. We are working with our partners for safety components to publish a reference solution by the end of November.
  2. 2020.1NX adds support for Xavier NX and takes advantage of the additional capabilities available on the platform.

There are several developers working on commercializing solutions using Isaac. For example, BMW intends to ship commercial robots with Isaac, while others are planning on using Isaac components.

Are there any plans to open source pieces of the following components? It would be great to understand how maps are handled and how they tie into the larger nav stack.

  • isaac.navigation
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I have the same questions

i think , at this moment , which extremely poor support from Nvidia , its not a wise decision to follow Isaac SDK !! Like almost all Nvidia products , Nvidia is very good at creating Hype around the products, which actually fall short of expectations.

Their Latest Isaac SDK bundles with third party outdated(2 Yr Old ) Drivers for ZED Camera and guess what , i have their latest RTX 3080 GPU and half of the modules are not supported !!

Getting frustrated at Nvidia ,looking at their extremely poor support and no Isaac sdk updates in sight !!