any commercial TX1 computer modules like Jetson?

we are deveolping measuring devices with cameras inside. for near future the Tegra X1 SOC could be a great SOC. The problem seems to get any computer modules with X1 on board.
The form factor could be smarc, qseven or proprietary. Jetson looks good - but the long term availability of this board will be a problem in future.
do you know some first computer modules with Tegra X1?

Hello, please consult this wiki section for products supporting the Jetson TX module form-factor: Let me know if you have others to add, or if you are looking for something not there, try contacting the vendors, preferably who’ve worked with those form-factors before.

See the Product Lifecycle Support. Also, this page will direct you to the appropriate distributor or webstore for each the TX1 devkit, TX1 module, TK1 devkit, and TK1 chips:

Hi Dusty,
thanks for your answer. is there a procedure for discontinued products ? will we be informed by our distributor if the Jetson TX1 board will be discontinued ?
thanks very much!

Notice will be sent a minimum of 8 months in advance and the distributors and ecosystem partners would also be informed.

ok, thats fine!