Any CUDA equivalence of glSubTexImage3D() Upload sub block date to 3d texture

Hi, anyone try to load sub-blocks of data into a 3D CUDA array? When I check the API there are something like this for 2D cuda array but not for 3D cuda array. Is there any reason for that.

I use glSubImage3D in my openGL implementation, and plan to port it to CUDA so I can use better streaming loading and other fancy stuff. It’s strange to see that CUDA don’t have similar functions.

sorry should be glTexSubImage3D!!

Hi, I am not sure it is what you want, but have a look on cudaMemcpy3DParms
You can copy from/to cudaArray, deviceToDevice, from/to a given position and with a given extent.

If you don’t want to copy the data, I guess it is easy to do the redirection yourself.

– pium

Thanks for the reply!! It think it’s what I need, I was trying to find a 3D version of cudaMemcpy2DToArray, but didn’t find any.