Any details about Stereo & Optical Flow Engine?

Is Stereo & Optical Flow Engine a hardware ?
From my perspective of view, I consider it derived from PVA(Programmable Vision Accelerator).
Am I right ?
Any details about Stereo & Optical Flow Engine?

Hi sin2lee, there is not direct access to this - technically the Optical Flow engine is part of the codec for motion estimation. API access will be provided to the Vision Accelerator in a future release of JetPack.

Hi,Dustin,pleased to receive your answer.But I still not sure Stereo & Optical Flow Engine is a special hardware like DLA or an implementation of CUDA CORE or PVA?

It is part of the codec hardware that has not been exposed for general use.

VisionWorks support those features its actually an API.

He does not use the CODEC dedicated engine for it? only use the GPU?

If yes can i say that the SOFE feature is not available in this Jetpack version?

Just wanted to bump this in case status has changed. Is the flow in the optical flow engine a dense flow? And if so is there an API function to get access to it?


Hi~,I have three question. May I think of it as an ASIC IC which users can’t reprogramming ? When Can User use this function from JetPack API? Is their any Specific documentation for this engine, like FrameRate, max support image resolution ?

If or when released for general use, will it be available as part of nvidia optical flow sdk?