Any example of Vulkan for compute only on TX1 ?

I’ve been reading up on Vulkan and seeing some of the GitHub examples being shown… It’s supposed to eventual replace OpenCL but I haven’t yet seen any example of using Vulkan for compute only? All examples Ive seen so far have been for graphics rendering or graphics output. Can anyone point me to an example or tutorial on how to use Vulkan to calculate something (e.g. matrix * vector or whatever), not drawing to the screen?

nope, its supposed to replace OpenGL NOT CL. their purposes are different

Wow really? I’m disappointing to hear that…

According to Khronos group:
“Vulkan provides high-efficiency, cross-platform access to graphics and compute on modern GPUs used in a wide variety of devices”

Did they give-up on Compute? because, as already covered, we’ve seen only rendering examples.

OpenCL is more of a hardware-independent hardware language whereas OpenGL and Vulkan are for general purpose graphics and GPU utilization.

From wikipedia

This is incorrect. Vulkan supports both compute and graphics loads. Not surprisingly, though the initial excitement has been all about the graphics capabilities, and it’s potential as a replacement for OpenGL.

AFAIK, nothing has been said about it replacing OpenCL, though that’s certainly a possibility. You’ll probably see much slower adoption of it in parallel processing when compared to gaming, etc. It’s just the nature of those industries, as well as the fact that very high performance APIs like CUDA are already available.