Any examples ideas on how to do bump/normal mapping?

I want to add additional roughness, bumps to a solid. As well as the albedo material, I have matching materials for roughness, height, and normal map. I saw an 10yr old question about similar, but would like to see something for optix7. Thanks.

Hi there. There’s nothing unique in OptiX 7 that would affect how you do your own normal & shading calculations. If you have an old example that works in OptiX 6, or even in other APIs like OpenGL, it will be quite portable and should work fine in your OptiX 7 closest-hit program too. I don’t know of a bump mapping sample off the top of my head, I did a cursory check of the SDK and Detlef’s Advanced Samples repo and our SDK and didn’t see one. This answer from 2013 still applies and has a nice link to a normal mapping tutorial if you need one: Layered Materials also Bump mapping example please - #2 by Crog

In OptiX 7 you will use the CUDA texture API to load a texture map. There are basic examples of reading CUDA textures in the CUDA samples that come with the CUDA SDK. The rest will be a small amount of vector math that you can do using the vector libraries we provide in the OptiX or CUDA SDKs, or one of your own. Happy to help if you have specific questions or concerns about the OptiX 7 API.